The final lesson for this chapter will be manually changing the frame size of the project. The frame is what actually shows once we export the project to a PNG image.

Suppose we wanted our final PNG image to only show a specific portion of the project. First thing let’s group all the elements into one package as explained in chapter 4. Notice that because we decided to lock the circle, it will be impossible to select it while dragging the mouse around it. For that there are two options, either you unlock all the locked elements and then select them with the mouse, or simply press (CTRL + A) and the program will select all the objects inside the project. Now let’s change the size of the project to 100 by 100 pixels.

Step 1 – from the menu select Project and then select Size and Color, img_c6s3-2.png

Step 2 – in the Size and Color dialog, set the width and height values both to 100 and hit OK. img_c6s3-3.png

Now your project will look like this: img_c6s3-4.png

img_c6s3-5.png Notice that the change in the size of the project caused the frame to become a quarter of its previous size and now most of our objects package is located outside the frame. If now you will choose to export your project to a PNG image file the result will look like this:

This ends chapter 6. Up until now we have covered all the basic concepts that apply to most graphic design programs. You have learned about shapes, colors and textures, effects, grouping, layers, importing and exporting images, transparency masks, and basic techniques for producing rudimentary graphic designs. Although this is far from becoming a pro that can use the heavy industry professional tools such as Photoshop and GIMP, it is a good starting point for mastering the basics and getting a broader feel for what the more complicated programs talk about.

In the following chapters you will learn more advanced subject such as manipulating vector objects, image slicing, bitmap editing, lights and more. For now, practice and master the subjects explained so far and in no time you will find yourself creating complex and intriguing designs.

Enjoy! :)