The main interface window:


The image above shows the main interface window for Real-DRAW Pro version 3. This interface may be a bit different in newer versions; however the basic elements stay the same.

1. Is the area of the project we are currently working on. This area represents the size of the final image we want to produce,

2. Is the main toolbar which holds general functions for creating new projects, opening existing projects, saving, zooming and some more advanced functions that will be discussed later on,

3. Is the statues bar which shows general information about the project such as its size, the current coordinates of the mouse and amount of memory usage,

4. Is the Tools bar which holds the main tools for working with shapes, images and text, also tools for cropping, drawing lines and manipulating shapes,

5. Is the Props bar which is used to apply different kinds of effects, colors and settings to each shape,

6. Is the Object Tools bar used for arranging the different elements in our image, bringing the object forward or sending it backward, flipping, centering and more,

7. Are the rulers that show the position of each object on the X and Y axis,

Don’t worry if all these seem a bit confusing now, we will cover each one in more detail later on.

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