Don’t be alarmed by the word ‘Project’, the term project basically refers to the image we want to create. During the stages of developing the image we use different objects and elements and there for it is called a project.

Normally when we start Real-DRAW Pro, the program will automatically create a new blank project for us. However, sometimes we want to create another one during work and that will be the place to start.

img_c2s1-1.png First, close the current project by clicking on the smaller X button located on the top right corner,

Now we will create a new project, and then save it.

img_c2s1-2.png Step 1 – click on the New button located on the top left corner.

The program has created for us a new blank project with a white background color. Now we want to save this project.

img_c2s1-3.png Step 2 – click on the Save button which is located in the top toolbar.

Step 3 – In the save window that has opened, specify a name (1) for your project and then hit the Save button (2). img_c2s1-4L.png

Notice that the project is saved as RDW. That is a format used specifically by this program.

Great, in this chapter we learned the basic components of the main interface and how to create a new project and save it. In the next chapter we will start working with objects and shapes.

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