In the previous chapter we learned how to create a new project. Now we are going to add some elements to our project and start giving it the look of an actual image instead of just a white rectangle.

We will start by adding a simple rectangle to our image.

img_c3s1-1.png Step 1 – on the Tools bar located on the left, click on the rectangle button. You will notice that the mouse cursor has changed shape and now looks like a crosshair.

img_c3s1-2.png Step 2 – on our canvas (the white area representing our project) position the mouse at the top most left corner of where you want your rectangle to begin (A) left click without letting go, and drag the mouse towards the bottom right corner of where the rectangle should end (B).

In the picture above you can see point A where you will start and point B where you will end. The program will draw border lines that indicate the size of the rectangle. Once you’ve done that, the end result should look like this: img_c3s1-3.png

Great, we drew our first shape. Now let’s draw a circle to the right side of the rectangle.

img_c3s1-4.png The way to draw a circle is the same as we did with the rectangle. Only this time we will use the circle tool located in the Tools bar to the left under the rectangle tool.

Once you have selected the circle tool, draw the circle on the canvas in the same way you drew the rectangle, by starting from the top most left corner of where the circle should start, and dragging the mouse to the bottom right corner of where the circle should end. If you did it correctly you should be looking at something like this: img_c3s1-5.png

Since circles don’t have corners, naturally you will define the top most left corner of where the circle should start with an imaginary line, as if the circle was located inside a square. Don’t worry if you don’t hit the spot at first, you will get a hang of it with a bit of practice.

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