In this chapter we will cover the subject of effects and final project exporting. Although this tutorial will not cover all the features offered by the program it will focus on key features that will help you further explore on your own all the various effects you can achieve.

Let’s start with a fresh project. Just like in the previous chapter, this time draw a green rectangle with a blue “Hello World” text inside. Wrap those two into a package, and place them in front of a black circle. Your end result should look like this: img_c5s1-1.png

img_c5s1-2.png Now let’s add a red border line to our green box. First we need to open the Outline window. You can do that by clicking on the Outline button located in the effects bar on the right side.

Once you have done that the Outline window will open. img_c5s1-3.png

In the above image you can see the Outline window. I trust you are already familiar with these window views, so from now on this chapter will go on a faster pace, letting you explore for yourself the variety of effects that can be applied to objects.

As I said earlier, we will add a red border line to our green box. Try it for yourself until you reach this result: img_c5s1-4.png

img_c5s1-5.png Now let’s give the black circle a bit of transparency. Open the Transparency window by clicking on the Transparency button located on the effects bar to the right.

Once you’ve done that the Transparency window will open: img_c5s1-6.png

Play around with it, until your project looks like this: img_c5s1-7.png

Tip: in order to achieve the same result, your transparency window should look like this: img_c5s1-8.png

img_c5s1-9.png Now let’s add some motion zoom to our green box. This can be done using the Bevel effects window. Open it by clicking on the Bevel bar button on the right:

The 3D Bevel window: img_c5s2-1.png

Play around with it until your project look like this: img_c5s2-2.png

Tip: img_c5s2-3.png

img_c5s2-4.png Now let’s add some Glow effect to our circle. First open the Effects window by clicking on the Effects button to the right:

The Effects window: img_c5s2-5.png

Play around with it until your project looks like this: img_c5s2-6.png

Tip: img_c5s2-7.png

Finally let’s add some cracked surface skin.

img_c5s2-8.png Before you do that, select both the circle and the box and create one package. Now open the Surface Skin window by clicking on the Surface Skin button located to the right:

The Surface Skin window: img_c5s2-9.png

Play around with it until your project looks like this: img_c5s3-1.png

Tip: img_c5s3-2.png

Great, so if you made it this far your project should look similar to the image above.

The last thing you will learn in this chapter is how to export your projects and create an image file.

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