Remember what we talked about in the first chapter about image formats and the effects that compressions have on images... in order to preserve our image in the best quality possible but also keep the file to a reasonable size, we will export the project as a PNG type image file. This type is very common on the internet and it maintains high quality images with relative low size.

Step 1 – in the program menu, select File and then click on Export... img_c5s3-3.png

Step 2 – in the export dialog that opens up set the following: img_c5s3-4.png

1. Set the file format to PNG (1).

2. Set the background color to Black (2).

3. Hit the Export button.

4. In the Save File dialog select a location to save the file and give it a name.

5. Click Save.

That is it. If you did everything right, at the saved location you chose you should now have a PNG image file that looks similar to this: img_c5s3-5.png

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