img_dbmanage.png This application source in a form of a simple inventory management module, shows how to manage an SQL database connection, how to handle data and pass it between forms, and basic skeleton architecture for a generic data handling module, including a simple user role based security system. It also shows how to extract data from a data set, manipulating, querying and presenting it in common forms.

The sources in this example make a skeleton of a module. They can be fully integrated and developed for a full featured application. All forms can be easily replaced with ASP or WPF interfaces.

Class description:

Cls_crypt – handles encryption/decryption.

Cls_DBH – handles direct database actions. Can be unstatic’ed to instance for multiply database handling.

Cls_DSH – handles dataset actions and intermediates between the application and the database handler, also it can be expanded to control multiple instances of cls_DBH.

Cls_Globals – holds global settings.

Cls_Login – handles login procedure.

Cls_MainHandles – holds the main logic of the application and intermediates between the forms and the handle classes.

Cls_Messages – handles return messages for error handling.

Take notice that there are NO security measures taken when handling the database connection and information! If you do intend to use some or all the sources make sure to include some measures of protection against injections and data theft such as passing information using parameters, a database password, secure connection, user authentication.


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